Artist & Facilitator | London

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Making art is an important and powerful process which I have journeyed with through great transformations in my life. Sometimes a vehicle for meditation and others a platform for connection. All of the benefits that come from this act and that of freedom of expression, I believe everybody should have access to.

Mark making opens the window to our inner worlds. Most of us have been the victims of a lifetime of creative repression and this act of sharing and exploring is often quite challenging. I take great inspiration in life and in my work from meeting this challenge and even more so from helping others to meet it themselves. I have experienced the wealth of benefits and joy that creativity can bring and I believe they are truly available to all of us if we can learn to embrace them.

We all have an imagination and we can all be creative, this is a fact and I want to share it.

Qualifications and Training:

2018 | Adult Mental Health First Aid | MFHA

2018 | Level 2 Counselling Skills | Poplar Harca

2017 | Assessing Mental Capacity | Map Squad

2017 | Large Group Art Therapy Evenings | Goldsmiths

2017 | Gender and Mental Health | Great Men

2017 | Meeting OFSTED Standards | Core Arts

2016 | AET Teacher Training | City & Guilds

2016 | Intro to Art Therapy | IATE

2015 | Safe Guarding Vulnerable Adults | Core Arts

2014 | Safe Guarding Children | Hackney Pirates

2010 | Ba Illustration | University of Brighton

2007 | Foundation Fine Art | Byam Shaw, UAL